Art in the museum

In the installation “The End of Remembrance”, the Austrian artist Ernst Logar talks to twelve Carinthian Slovenes who offered resistance to the Nazi regime with or as partisans. These men and women talk about drastic war experiences, the post-war era and their living conditions in Carinthia today. The conversations recorded by the artist bear witness of people who opposed the Nazi regime and whose immediate recollections will soon be lost.

The room installation has been shown at many historically important places in Austria: at the Palais Epstein (Austrian Parliament), at the memorial site for victims of the Nazi-justice at the Vienna Regional Court, at the Museum of Modern Art Carinthia, at the Cultural Centre St. Primus/Šentprimožu, at the great hall of the University of Vienna as well as at the Pavel house in Laafeld near Bad Radkersburg/Radgoni. As a permanent object of loan by Ernst Logar, the installation can presently be seen at the Peršman farmstead museum.