The museum at the Peršman farmstead

From the year 1942, the mountain farmstead of the Sadovnik family, the Peršman farmstead, was an important base of the anti-fascist resistance movement, which had originated in Yugoslavia and then strongly spread in Carinthia. Shortly before the end of the war, on 25 April 1945, members of the SS- and Police Regiment 13 committed a massacre on the Peršman farmstead: eleven persons, all of them members of the Sadovnik and Kogoj families, were shot. After the war, this crime left an imprint on the Carinthian Slovenes’ minds as a symbol of the collective suffering during the Nazi regime.

After having mounted a commemorative plaque on the former residential building of the Sadovnik family in 1965, the Union of Carinthian Partisans initiated the installation of a small museum at the farm in 1982, which was dedicated to the history of resistance and persecution. One year later, a Partisan memorial was erected on the front yard of the museum. In 1953, this memorial had been blown up and destroyed at its original site in Völkermarkt/Velikovu. These events laid the main foundations for the importance of the Peršman farmstead as a place for a museum and commemoration.

In 2012, on the initiative of the Društvo/Association Peršman, the Peršman farmstead was extended into a modern museum of contemporary history and redesigned in terms of content. More than 100m² of exhibition area are dedicated to the core topic of the Carinthian Slovenes’ persecution and resistance, taking into particular consideration the Sadovnik family, their assassination as well as the judicial history of the crime. The entire exhibition is designed in the two languages of Carinthia (German and Slovene).

The Union of Carinthian Partisans is in charge of the museum and the visitors, in close cooperation with the Društvo/Association Peršman.


Opening hours

The museum is open from the beginning of May until the end of October:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as public holidays: 10 am – 5 pm

In case of advance bookings, the Peršman farmstead can be visited outside opening hours, except for the winter months from October until March.

Admission to the museum is free of charge, donations are welcome.
Fees for our special guided tours and educational offers upon request.


Museum address

Museum Commemoration Site Peršman Farmstead
Koprein-Petzen/Koprivna pod Peco 3
9135 Bad Eisenkappel/Železna Kapla

For advance bookings and information during opening hours please call:
Tel. +43 (0) 4238/25060

For advance bookings and information outside opening hours please call:
Tel.: +43 (0) 664/489 17 76
Tel.: +43 (0) 664/203 31 43

E-mail: office(at)persman(dot)at

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The Peršman farmstead cannot be reached by public transport. We recommend making the journey by car, for larger groups by coach. The Peršman farmstead is situated at about 10 kilometres from the town centre of Bad Eisenkappel/Železna Kapla. Bad Eisenkappel/Železna Kapla can be reached by public transport – except on Sundays and public holidays:

Coming from the B 82, drive across the main square through he town centre of Bad Eisenkappel/Železna Kapla in the direction of Vellach/Bela (B 82). About 2 km after the town centre, before the bridge across the river Vellach/Bela – and before the health resort Bad Eisenkappel – turn left in the direction of Leppen/Lepena. At this crossroads, the museum is signposted. You are now on Luscha regional road (L 130). After about 7 km, the road narrows level with the Rastočnik farmstead and winds steeply upwards. After another 3 km the Peršman farmstead is signposted on the left and you have almost reached your destination.